10 Cats Showing Dogs Who Are Really in Charge Here

Anyone who has cats and dogs living under the same roof know one thing: cats OWN the place, and everyone else just lives with them. Everything under that roof belongs to the cat. That couch? Belongs to the cat. Your bed? It’s the cat’s. The clearly dog-sized bed specifically meant for dogs? No, no, it’s the cat’s bed. Take these poor pups’ word for it – the cats own everything!

1. “We’re adopting a kitten,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

2. “Don’t just take a pic, human! Do something!”

3. “That’s it. I’m filing an eviction notice, Karen. Help me learn how to write.”

4. “This is just plain theft!”

5. “This world is so unfair…”

6. “How did it come to this, human”

7. “He’s fine. Much warmer curled up like that!”

8. *Cries in dog*

9. All hail!

10. “It’s fine. This is fine.”

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