15+ Cats That Really Know How To Get You Off Your Books

These evil creatures may ignore us when we needed them, but they demand absolute attention from you. That is so not fair! But guess what? They don’t care. Cats will do everything it takes for you to notice them. Scroll down for some aws and args.

#1 “Why study when you can play with me?”

#2 “Yeah yeah, he’s dead, she’s dead, everybody’s dead. Now rub my belly!”

#3 “Are you using it? Cuz I’m gonna sleep on it.”

#4 Cats are always evil. Even in the 15th century.

#5 He chews books if he sees them, so put that thing away!

#6 This is what happens when I try to study.

#7 Now that’s what I’m Tolkien about!

#8 “Are you really gonna send that?”

#9 “A lil’ less studying, a lil’ more rub my belly.”

#10 “Hey I’m interested in magic too!”

#11 “Nom nom…”

#12 Reading is more fun with a paw.

#13 “What’s on the news? Me!”

#14 Natural (blue) light filter.

#15 “Hey you done with this page yet?”

#16 “Breaking news: Me, breaking your view.”

#17 “Not yet, Linda!”

#18 Such an example to follow!

#19 “No mo’ reading! You’ve done enough!”

#20 “Read what’s in my eyes, dear.”


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