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15+ Cats Who Are So Done With Humans

As cat owners, we all love cats. However, that feeling is not always two-way. Your cat might not be crazy over you as you think. Well, the reason must be racial difference. Scroll down for hilarious photos of cats hating on their humans.

#1 “Why are millennials always taking selfie?”

#2 Hello? Cats are meant for catwalk only.

#3 “I ain’t your slave. Now get that mouse away!”

#4 She is never getting out of that blanket.

#5 You’re not his type, obviously.

#6 “Better not do that again, you evil!”

#7 My cat didn’t know how to react to the rubber band I put on his head.

#8 Completely.

#9 New haircuts? Over that shit too.

#10 “Costumes? Get them the hell out.”

#11 Well, at least he’s looking fine.

#12 Cat won’t let him down the stairs.

#13 There can be only one cat in the house.

#14 Like. How dare you!?

#15 “It’s like heaven in here!”

#16 They don’t like being measured by bananas.

#17 “Oh what fun! Now leave me alone.”

#18 Cats are just over all of us and our human antics.

#19 They will be hiding forever.

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