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15+ Terrifyingly Pawsome Halloween Cat Costumes

Everyone is looking forward to Halloween, and guess what, cats want to join the fun too. Although cats are known for not liking costumes and accessories, you can force them to have fun by making them wear a cute Halloween costume, such as: Darthvader, Maleficent, etc. Or you can gather some ideas from the below photos. Here is the list full of adorable cat costumes. Tell us your favorite!

If You like any you can try this with your cat in this Halloween

1 Dracula kitty.

2 Skeleton cat (it’s photoshopped)

3 Mario Cat.

4 Lobster Cat (and no, he’s not heated)

5 KitCat.

6 Lion King.

7 Race cat.

8 Carthvader.

9 Princess Leila.

10 Breaking Bad Kitty.

11 Tarantula cat.

12 “These turtles are gonna taste my wrath!”

13 Peacock cat.

14 President cat.

15 Nyan Cat.

16 Pirate Cat, ahoy!

17 Ram Kitty.

18 Supercat.

19 Wonderkitty.

20 Such a catty mermaid!


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