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20+ Cats Born To Prove “If I Fits, I Sits” Is A Way of Life

If cats could write a self-help book, it would probably be filled with photos of cats fitting themselves into the tiniest spaces possible, whether that’s a cat bed, a cardboard box, or a potted plant. It’s a feline philosophy, if you will. If you CAN fits, you CAN sits. And that’s that! Here are 10 cats who prove, without a doubt, that “If I Fits, I Sits” is a way of life for cats all around the world.

“To truly understand the Loaf, you must become the Loaf.”


“If I fits, I ships.”

“To catch the bird, you must think like the bird, act as the bird.”

“Snacks. Sits. Sleeps. In that order!”

“Paws fits, it sits.”

“If it DOESN’T fit, I MAKES it fit.”

“Please read instructions before assembling feline.”

“This is the purr-fect catholder!”

“I’m a Flower. Nothing to see, move along.”

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