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20+ Important Milestones For Cat Owners

During your cat’s lifetime, you’ll see them go through plenty of changes in behavior, physique and dietary requirements. The first few months of a kitten’s life are crucial, as they’re learning about the world around them and growing into a healthy adult cat. Understanding these stages means you can do your best to give them what they need and provide them with the best possible start.

Today we brings you  Most Important Milestones For Cat Owners that you have faced in different times

1 Holding your cat’s paw.

Among all the bad things, you know getting a cat is the best decision you’ve ever made.

The anger when your cat sit on someone else’s lap.

4 Let them see their reflection in the mirror.

5 First time napping together.

6 Knowing that they can fall asleep almost anywhere just like babies.

7 When you finally realize that your cat is no longer a kitten.

8 Taking your cat to the vet for the first time.

9 Finally become a cat whisperer.

10 That sweet rejection.

11 Guilty pleasure.

12 Learn how to pet them.

13 Find out that they are sneaky monsters.

14 Having a serious discussion with your cat as to whether they want to stay in or go out.

15 You give them a treat because eating canned food everyday is torture.

16 Black shirt struggle.

17 Cat-calling.

18 You realize your cat affects your life in every way.

19 The sink is another bed.

20 Relaxing together.

21 You just don’t know if your cat is wanting to kill you or staring at an invisible monster behind you.

22 You share food together.

23 They’re only hungry when you’re asleep.

24 The fatal mistake.

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