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25+ Photos of Kitty’s Brothers From Another Mother

We all know that two different species of animals cannot originate from the same mother. Or so we’ve been led to believe anyway. But take a look at these pictures and prepare to have everything you’ve ever known turned upside down!

Well ok, not quite. But these kitties sisters and brothers from other mothers look so bizarrely similar that you could be forgiven for thinking that they share the same parents. Take a look at this photos. Don’t forget to comment for your favorite, and feel free to send us your pictures if you have any kitty photos  that look suspiciously like siblings!

01# 100% matching brothers

02# calicooo brothers

03# chubby bros

04# hairless bros

05# he is my little bro.any problem?

06# is we are same

07# shhh.two bros are sleeping

08# hey bro you try this

09#  with the big broooo

10# Not always eye to eye, but always heart to heart

11# small brother always angry

12# that moment elder brother comes with you for the b*eaten the guy who said you are ugly

13# brothers with beautiful eyes

14# brothers or sisters?

15# black bros always together

16# brothers love

17 #sharing is caring

18# when you angry with the brother

19# he love his brother very much

20# Haha, I don’t need a leash

21# 3 bros

22#Are we sure the one on the left is a dog?

23#Not always eye to eye, but always heart to heart

24#cuteness overloaded

25#Cuddles bros

26#who are you going to feed first

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