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Owner Finds A Bunch Of Her Cat’s Selfies After Leaving Her iPad Unattended

It is not surprised to see animals taking selfies on their owner’s smart devices. It’s probably because we often take selfies while our beloved pets are watching. Besides, our pet friends are enough smart to figure out how smart device cameras work and use them to take selfies.

This happened to one Chinese woman who is an international student in Australia and the owner of two rescue cats Er Niu (the white fluffy ball) and Xiao Ai (the dark tabby cat).

The woman recently found a bunch of cat hair on her iPad. It was a normal sight for cat owners until the woman turned on her iPad and discovered ridiculous amount of selfies.

Not only did she found cat hair, but she also found many selfies of her cat in the iPad. The hair was white, so she knew clearly who the culprit was. The cat Er Niu took ‘selfies’ of himself staring at the camera and, of course, grooming.

The owner shared the photos on the Chinese video site Douyin. Needless to say, people loved it and soon became a hit on the internet. Nobody knows how Er Niu learned this, but you gotta admit, he is a smart cat. Even when the selfies are probably an accident, they are still adorable.

Here’s what people said about Er Niu and his cute ‘selfies’

“Cats are so smart!”

“What a clever kitten!”

“At least they are pg… my cat takes selfies on my phone all the time but they are nsfw selfies!”

“Exact poses little kids make when they take selfies.”

“Think she better change the passcode.”

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